What Our Clients Are Saying

“Listening to Mr. Petersen speak was an Andy Kaufman-esque experience….I was at once not sure where we were going, thoroughly enjoyed the ride and in the end the destination made sense and had practical implications for staff teamwork.”

Stephanie De Jesus, MD M.D.

“Ralph’s presentations are both engaging and entertaining. Just when you think you are sitting in a comedy show, Ralph pulls out a leadership strategy that triggers a light bulb moment that applies to almost every department in your facility.”

Lori Shibinette RN, NHA, Merrimack County Nursing Home

“This was truly the most entertaining seminar that I have been to in many years. Conveying simple, yet oft-overlooked common-sense management and leadership concepts through his own real-life experiences, both on and off the workplace battlefield, Ralph made great entertainment out of practical management concepts.”

Gil Tisse Director of Operations, NHA, Rehab Associates

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