Managing When No One Wants To Work
(60—75 min)
How do you find, hire, train and motivate staff to come into work every day in a field that no one wants to work in, while ensuring the quality of that work meets the exceeding demands of your department? Become a highly effective role model and influential leader. Effective leadership and management skills begin and end with the way in which the manager conducts him or herself on a consistent basis.
This program will teach you how to lead your team by effectively emulating the behaviors that you desire, how serving your team can lead to greater results and less turmoil, how to conduct meaningful training sessions that will give your staff the time, tools and training to perform each job, how to create a work environment that fosters personal growth and responsibility  and how to overcome the essential question of, “Why would anyone want to work for YOU, in a field that no one wants to work in, regardless of the industry you work in.”