Shot Gun

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“Look at this gentleman,” I said when he walked into the conference room. We all got up to meet him. Trying to find, recruit and hire housekeeping managers has been an ongoing challenge for us and someone had suggested that we look at the military; to see if there were any programs for veterans that we could get involved with. After a few phone calls we found someone who knew someone who knew this guy; Air Force Staff Sergeant Josh McClore. He came in wearing his dress blues.

We all shook hands, introduced ourselves, and then I gave him a quick run-down of what we do and what we were looking for.

“Basically, we are a housekeeping management company,” I said. “And we’ve always done most of our recruiting in-house, but we’ve been growing like crazy and it is getting harder and harder to find people that have the ability to manage.” As I talked, SSGT McClore unpacked his briefcase and turned on his laptop. He said there were a lot of programs and veterans looking for work. Then he turned his laptop toward us.

“Let me show you some of the recruiting videos we use,” he said and pressed play. The first video was the typical red, white and blue kind that highlighted “America’s Future.” The next one showed a bunch of Airmen doing different jobs, both in the Air Force and out, but it was the third one that got the most reaction.

It started out showing a bunch of teenagers playing video games. All of them were wearing headsets, mainlining Dorito’s and Mountain Dew while focusing, strategizing, and working together, trying to take over a make believe world full of zombies. The video cuts to a bunch of Airmen doing the same thing; focused, strategizing, working together, playing video games, though the world they were taking over wasn’t full of Zombies. “We’ve been waiting for you…” the narrator says and then the screen goes black.

We all look at each other with full smiles on our faces. Adam rolled his eyes in my direction.

“Uhm,” I said speaking up. “We are in housekeeping…” I smiled. “Recruiting “h-o-u-s-e-k-e-ep-i-n-g” managers.” I used air quotes for emphasis. Everyone started to laugh.

“You don’t think this type of video will work,” SSGT McClure said with a big smile.

“It might,” I said, “If, instead of playing video games, it was full of teenagers racing each other to the car yelling ‘Shotgun!’ and then fist fighting each other in an epic battle to see who is going to ride in the front seat for the five minute drive home.” Everyone laughed.

“I think most of the people we get are more familiar with shot gunning beer, than they are with playing video games,” Adam said. Everyone kept laughing. “It’s true,” he said.

“You know that’s your problem,” SSGT McClure said. “You’re recruiting the wrong people.” We all looked at each other, and then back at him.

“Well that’s why you’re here,” Adam said with nervous laughter.

“Good,” he said and started another video.

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