A professional speaker, author, trainer and consultant is seeking an independent and organized Executive Assistant/Business Manager (ideally, in the Westchester County, NY area but open to rock stars outside of the area) for his speaking, training and consulting company.  He is seeking a confident, articulate taskmaster to organize and manage his business, sales leads, and calendar, coordinate with his social and digital marketing company, create follow-up systems and search for and book speaking engagements.

While he is focused on creating and delivering speeches, workshops and online content you will be focused on all the details to make that happen – managing the logistics of upcoming presentations, but more importantly organizing and helping execute the plan to generate more speaking engagements, clients, online engagement and other opportunities.

Must be a super-efficient, task oriented hard worker who delivers results not just on assigned tasks, but also adept at bringing ideas and action that will move the needle in the business.

In addition to managing existing systems and sales processes, the ideal candidate is also someone who is constantly seeking ways to do things better, faster and more effectively – someone who will research new opportunities and technologies and figure how to integrate them into the business.

The speaker prefers to have the opportunity to meet up and work together in person approximately one day per week, with you working from home the rest of the time.  The ideal candidate will over-deliver on expectations and have the speaker running to keep up to them.


  • Lead Management – organize and maintain the lead pipeline and keep follow-ups on track Including evaluating and following up on connection and business opportunities from social media analytics, information on people who have filled out our on-line assessment and other sources. Currently using a combination of Salesforce, Outlook and Mailchimp but open to other options.  Familiarity with CRMs and emailing marketing systems and facility with technology in general is important.
  • Future Lead Ideation – organize and maintain a potential lead list of conferences, associations, ideas and anything else we can come up with to generate more future leads.
  • Future Lead Creation – create submissions for potential speaking engagements on behalf of the speaker.
  • Current Pipeline – organize current pipeline of speaking engagements. Help create an ongoing process of when everything happens before the gig.  We may use eSpeakers for this but will make that decision together.
  • Engagement Logistics – coordinate and communicate with clients regarding all logistical aspects of speaking engagements — location, travel, training materials, room set-up, A/V and expense reports.



  • Calendar/Task Management – coordinate scheduling and task management with speaker. Calendar is on Outlook.
  • Content Production – support speaker in creation and distribution of video, audio and written content.
  • Content Management and Distribution – help create ongoing calendar and communications for the email database of content in coordination with social and digital marketing agency, which handles speaker’s newsletter, blog and social media content. Currently use Mailchimp.
  • Purchaser Engagement – process purchases and provide ongoing customer service for purchasers of speaker’s products, once developed.



  • Self-motivated
  • Independent and creative systems- thinker
  • Organized and detail-oriented/task focused
  • Highly skilled at project management
  • Excellent time management skills/high volume producer
  • Experience with CRM systems and sales processes and funnels
  • Ideally has an up-to-date laptop that is loaded with Office and can run other web-based applications
  • Technologically astute, quick learner
  • Proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and ideally some design software, video editing, and adept at updating WordPress
  • Honest
  • Resourceful
  • Strong verbal and writing skills
  • Direct and open communicator
  • Flexible, able to switch gears quickly



20-25 hours per week.  Possibly one day per week at the speaker’s office working together.  Exact hours are flexible. When you do work from home, you must have a quiet location with no background noise.  Possibility for expansion to full-time rather quickly – to help manage current commitments.


Hourly ($15-20/hr. depending upon experience and skills).  For the right candidate, there is upside based on locating and booking speaking engagements and other revenue generating opportunities.  Your compensation can grow directly with your ability to add value to the business.  If you crush it in the first 3 – 6 months of employment, speaker is open to sharing a percentage of total company revenue going forward.


To apply, please submit BOTH a cover letter and a resume to with a subject line that says – Executive Assistant Application.  In the cover letter, please include six specific bullet points:

  • A specific example of your task-oriented efficiency from your past work
  • Specific examples of your ability to learn new software
  • A specific example of your experience with managing sales processes
  • A specific example of managing a project from start to finish
  • Marketing examples – social media posts, email marketing, web copy
  • In your words, why you’re the ideal candidate for this position


Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to meeting you.